Welcome Aboard!

Blue Peter is focused on fun and personal development through adventurous expeditions, which can be tailored to a variety of group needs.

For our program and training information please Come aboard! For some background information, please read on!

Skippering a small boat and crewing effectively, can be daunting as well as exhilarating.
What do we need to learn to “level up”– not just in our sailing and knot tying skills…?
For each person the answer is different; we encourage and support the full spectrum of skills and personality types required to make an excellent expedition crew. Human nature is diverse for a very good reason!

What do you imagine would be the most memorable? Taking the helm? Smelling the breath of a dugong? Starting a fire with sticks? Reefing the sails before a white squall? Watching the sun set over the sea? Gazing at the night sky with new friends? Sailing can be a wonderful and connected flow experience akin to horse riding, or surfing, in the way it brings us alive with another force and closer to nature… our nature.

Sailing Expeditions on Moreton Bay!

“The best camp ever” is common feedback, thanks to the wonderful skippers and friends of Blue Peter. Their exceptional approaches to learning, connection and fun, and the vibrant, natural environment of Quandamooka country are real highlights of our expeditions.

When we choose to undertake intense, adventurous and challenging experiences, we learn heaps about positive communication, supportive teamwork, careful decision making and shared leadership. When we choose not to – that is OK too, we still learn by watching! And from sharing the stories!
Create some more each day…

Sail training activities are designed as sequenced experiences to gain complex skills and develop our capacity for personal growth.

Our philosophy of journeying “all in the same boat”, encourages shared leadership as members of an expedition community – that way we learn to contribute more of the unique skills we each carry. These are life-changing realisations that continue to grow every time we bring it forward!

The metaphors of sailing are rich and full of examples that help us to navigate, trim the sails and take the helm on this great journey.

Join us in keeping these important skills and traditions alive! Help us to develop our tailored expedition style learning programs for a new group soon! We partner with a range of organisations for family programs, school camps, therapeutic partnerships, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Community/Adventure/Nature Connection.

Careful risk management with high ratios of skilled skippers and mates, is essential for our culture of support, safety, fun, mentorship and learning.

Check out details of our programs at the Come Aboard tab or please contact us for more information.

The “Blue Peter” flag

Papa” or the “Blue Peter” is a maritime signal flag representing the letter P; and has a long history meaning “ready to sail”–calling the crew to action, eg. when flown by ship preparing to get under way.

Maritime activities for youth development; such as conducted by Sea Scouts, Outward Bound, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and other excellent programs are all growing from a foundation of expeditionary learning approaches, popularised by Kurt Hahn a lifetime ago.
Click here to learn more of this history!

“Outward Bound”

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