Get on board!

Join us for fun and adventurous marine expeditions!
With the energy created by everyone in the crew, we can achieve so much together!

Learning sailing skills, skippering and seamanship is fascinating, exciting, and enables a “level up” from knowing a heap of useful knots. What do you think might be most memorable? Smelling the breath of a dugong? Starting a fire with sticks? Reefing the sails before a white squall? Gazing at the night sky with new and old friends?

We believe that personal development best happens through really intense, adventurous and challenging experiences; teaching us about positive communication, supportive teamwork, careful decision making and shared leadership.
These are vital skills, needed in all parts of our life!

The “Blue Peter” is a maritime signal flag as the letter P, which also has a secondary meaning – calling the crew to action when it is flown by ship in harbour, being…

Ready to sail!

The flag has long been used as a symbol of maritime activities for youth development; such as conducted by the Royal Navy, Sea Scouts, Outward Bound, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and other great programs that have evolved along the lines of expeditionary learning approaches popularised by Kurt Hahn a lifetime ago.

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We will keep these important traditions alive, by developing tailored, partnered expedition style training programs for Rites of Passage, Adventure/Nature Therapy, Learn to Sail courses, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Paddle Australia, Skipper training and School based curriculum outcomes.


“I felt safe and comfortable at all times when aboard each boat because there was always a leader who knew what they were doing.”

“When something is really hard, I think back to something I did on the camp and how it challenged me and then it gave me the awesome feeling….I did it and it felt great!”
Adventure therapy participant

“It was the best training I have ever had. I feel so motivated!”
Allied Health staff member

“I feel more confident with all of these areas and I think I am going to be more prepared for the next expedition.”

“The last day of camp was very eventful, there were tears, there was screaming, there was happiness, there was exhaustion but most of all there was gratefulness.”
Gold award candidate

“Thank you for another amazing trip and experience. Your philosophies and delivery are phenomenal.”
Social worker

“I had a fantastic time! And so did all of the young people, at some stage or another ;)”
Service Manager

“The program met and went far beyond my expectation for the trip. I had a far greater trip than I was imagining.”

“…too good – it takes the thunder away from our year 10 expedition.”
Year 7 teacher

“When my mum asked me how camp was I couldn’t give her a one word answer, because it was an adventure of a lifetime.”

“I liked everyone as they were very welcoming and all the activities I enjoyed a lot.”

“Very organised but still had a relaxed feel to the camp”

“The staff Blue Peter employ, whilst highly competent at their craft of sailing instruction, are also exceptionally skilled facilitators of outdoor learning and group process.”
Outdoor Education Co-ordinator

“It was so fun, I am really keen to come back and help out on the holiday trips as well.”
Adventure therapy participant

“We had a fab instructor & I was totally confident of her ability to manage the conditions. She was very personable and I had a very positive first experience of sailing. I will certainly be recommending the Sea School.”
Adventure Yoga participant

Our four day, school holiday adventure programs are a fun way to begin a journey with us, and build some real nature/friend connections!

Get on board!

Prepare to sail!

1 thought on “Get on board!

  1. Heather Eckersley June 14, 2019 — 9:59 am

    Hi I live on Coochiemudlo and enjoyed meeting you this morning Jono. Please give me more info on sailing training and kayaking for my 5 grandchildren aged 7 to 13. Thanks! Heather

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