What to bring and where to go

There will be time to get changed before we depart, however please arrive early with:

A small back pack (or worn on your body):

  • Swim clothing – with sleeves – one wet set
  • Broad brimmed hat with chin strap or attachment
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses with attachment
  • Closed in reef shoes, or old sneakers, able to get wet
  • A good rain jacket (and a spare layer)
  • Snacks and fruit for Day 1 only
  • Medication (if required – please list on medical form)
  • Water bottles and/or bladder (at least 2 litres capacity)

A larger dry bag, backpack or soft bag (will be stowed below decks during passages however we recommend always waterproofing eg. lined with a garbage bag):

  • Tent and groundsheet, sleeping mat 
  • Sleeping bag and inner sheet
  • Woolen or fleece jumper
  • Long pants and long-sleeved shirt to wear at night (bug protection!)
  • One spare set of sun protective clothing and a hat (in case you lose your hat in the drink!)
  • Lightweight dry shoes for around camp and for small bush walks
  • Small towel
  • Change of underwear for each day
  • Torch – head torches are best
  • Minimal toiletries – no showers available, lots of swimming
  • Bags for waterproofing and rubbish
  • All your food for the expedition (we have an Esky you can put cold items in)
  • Spork, cup and a bowl or similar personal kit (please avoid disposables)
  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD), if you have one (let us know if you want to borrow one)

We will provide:

  • Your meals and all food requirements while we are on expedition
  • Communal cooking equipment (gas stoves, woks) and camp kitchen set up
  • Any equipment you need from the list above – just let us know!
Please keep all items to a minimum, and contact Jono on 0428 868 169 or Danni on 0497 016 075 with any questions

Where to go on Day 1

The meeting place for “rigging up” is under the trees beside the Victoria Point Volunteer Marine Rescue Station. You will see our boats parked there ready for action!

Please get yourself ready before the start time of 0900 – Your day pack should have snacks, water, sun protection and a rain jacket. Even in fine weather a rain jacket can be useful if it is windy. Maybe pop to the toilet and have a big drink of water so you’re ready to join in from the start.

Refer to the map below.

To get there from the Victoria Point Shopping Centre, follow Colburn Avenue to the end and turn left to find the Western boat ramp in front of the Volunteer Marine Rescue Station. 

There is ample parking available for extended times on top of the hill closest to where we meet.

A brick toilet block can be found beside the playground – along with BBQ facilities, picnic tables and fresh water taps. 

Map of Victoria Point Boat Ramp, Masters Drive, Victoria Point, Queensland

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