We create an effective, caring and resilient sail training community as a positive response to the trauma in our social and natural environment

Matthew Flinders College Yr 10 expedition


  • Deliver quality maritime adventure training programs that facilitate growth in personal awareness, practical skills and knowledge, interpersonal competence, decision making and leadership skills
  • Increase participation and engagement in “rites of passage” experiences and conversations that facilitate a transition to adulthood
  • Provide meaningful service to our community and our local ecology
  • Develop high quality program options and training courses that use expeditionary learning approaches that are sequentially responsive to the ability, interest and needs of trainees
  • Provide pathways and opportunities for training, mentoring and accredited assessment in the conduction and facilitation of expeditionary learning processes, adventurous activities, group facilitation and seamanship
  • Complement a range of successful experiential education and therapeutic programs for young people and facilitators, by working in partnership with key organisations
Blue Peter/Human Nature Young Womens’ Expedition
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