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Land Ho! There are so many beautiful, all season expedition venues in this part of the world…


Every Sea School expedition serves to develop our sense of place and belonging, naturally we aim to leave every place cleaner and healthier than we found it. Our awareness of connectedness, ecology and important environmental issues grows immensely through close encounters and deep experiences we have with the marine environment; along with our capacity to act responsibly as stewards and mentors of this land for future generations. 🐬

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Quandamooka country

Moreton bay is magnificent, and alive with dugong, sea turtle, dolphin, osprey and other wildlife such as the distinctive Brahminy kite. In the winter, humpback whales arrive to have their calves in sheltered waters. During summer, the migratory sea birds arrive from the northern hemisphere – and many of our boats are named after them.

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We acknowledge and respect the traditional owners of this land, and notify them of all our activities. We aim to reconcile our practices to encourage partnerships with Quandamooka people for combined visionary and sustainable approaches to learning on country.


We operate under a MARINE PERMIT QS2018 MAN411 that offers plenty of options for campsites and excellent sail training grounds for different weather conditions. There are many fascinating cultural and historic sites in the bay (look under the resources tab for links to more information).

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Exploring ship wrecks and other important sites are a feature of our programs. Along with the venues listed below, Minjerribah and Moorgumpin offer extended multi disciplinary expedition opportunities.


Teerk Roo Ra

Otherwise known as Peel Island, this beautiful place offers protection from northerly winds at the magnificent sand flats of Horseshoe Bay. The legacy of various institutions for people in need of recovery continues today with our adventure therapy programs that are based here.


Blakesleys Slip

Offering great protection from most wind directions, this sand slip was created by a mining accident in the 1970’s, covering the mangroves which surround it. Now re-vegetated it offers shade and the opportunity for small twig fires which we learn how to light using traditional techniques.

Other suitable locations in Queensland

The Keppel, Whitsunday and Palm Island groups offer plenty of idyllic anchorages, adventurous sailing options and beautiful campsites. The best season is March- October.

Small boat sailing allows for island camping –  charter boats and tall ship voyages can also be arranged!

Wild and remote places such as Flinders reef, Lady Elliot and Musgrave Islands, The Percies and outer reefs offer very exciting opportunities for skipper extension training or for our scholarship trainees qualifying trips.


Far horizons

We are particularly excited by Lord Howe Island as a sail training destination!

Here is a pictorial summary of our first expeditions there (Lord Howe) and more to follow!

Our latest skipper extension voyage to Lord Howe Island in 2018 was truly magnificent! Photos and a video will be posted here soon…

P1010460 (2)goathouse  074




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