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Here is our 2018 Calendar of Events – please contact us for more details!


2018 report

Planning and preparation is underway for Noosa Pengari Steiner School, Hillbrook Anglican School, Clairvaux McKillop College and Human Nature expeditions which are all planned for first semester!


Rob and Jono are also conducting the Sailing Ability (for people with a disability) and Adventure Sailing (for young people) during the Be Active and Healthy initiative by the Scenic Rim Regional Council, held at Lake Wyaralong.


Our February working bee and social sailing event was a great chance to meet some new people and have fun teaching the ropes… some work was done on the boats before we launched for some great sailing in moderate NE winds in the lee of Coochie. After camping the night on Magic Happens, we then picked up more crew from the jetty and circumnavigated the island before a picnic lunch on the beach. 


Congratulations again to Tahlia, on the back of her Level 2 Sea School Certificate and Young Endeavour experiences, she has been accepted into the Navy to train as a Boatswain! They don’t know how lucky they are (yet)…


Jono took the Chataway family out on Osprey for a great adventure across the bay to have lunch at Peel Island. The wind got up and we reefed the sails to keep everyone on an even keel! What a great crew – and many thanks to Lynnette for such wonderful support – at the very first Mount Alford Market she purchased the only gift voucher we have ever sold! Whoo hooo bring it on!


Dean has taken a contract with EQ which is really great news for him (and the kids of Bulimba). Please pass on any details of potential skippers who would be willing to train up and help out on our upcoming programs.

Jono has been busy with industry feedback to SkillsIQ about sailing competencies in the Outdoor Recreation Training Package which are long overdue for review and updating.

Jono and Sally have been working on the Churchie Year 7 program, staying current with our roping, flatwater kayaking and bushwalking skills! Every little bit helps keep our accounts above the line… most importantly, we are laying a solid foundation for our future sailors!


Our Sea School Certificate training 16-19 January was fully booked with Duke of Edinburgh Award students from Clairvaux McKillop College, Silkwood School and Churchie. What an awesome crew it proved to be! Congratulations to Amy and Michael who qualified with their great efforts leading the Gold expedition component, and to all the helpers and trainee skippers – a big shout out to Kalindi, Anna, Loz, Em, Rob, Bob, Frankie, Ben and Jono who all helped to make it happen!


Huge congratulations to Loz, who has been accepted to study her dream course at USC this year! We think she is a really talented student – and will go far in this field!

Youth Plus Adventure Based Learning staff came together from all over the country to share frameworks and practices, beginning with a gentle paddle and (longer than expected) hike to Ngumbi at Lake Wyaralong. Although it was planned as a sailing and sea kayaking event in Quandamooka country, the weather proved necessary to reschedule to our heavy weather contingency venue!


Our January Skipper’s extension to Lord Howe Island was eventful and truly fantastic, so many amazing things happened each day! We encountered 3 days of vigorous offshore sailing to get there from Southport, 7 full days of great adventures on the island and then 4 days of light wind sailing to get home again. Many lessons were learned and our friendships forged through this very memorable time together…


More work has been done on the boats and shipping container lately, and Osprey is sporting a much stronger Yamaha 4HP outboard motor which has already proved valuable when towing other boats. We aim to have them all repainted and with their names visible for our our upcoming expeditions.

Please share your photos and stories through our Facebook site – Blue Peter

2017 report

Whooo hoo! The season began with a heatwave, a cyclone and a flood, along with unprecedented Sea School activity – we have been busy conducting our training courses and sailing expeditions in and around the beautiful Moreton Bay.

  • Sea School Certificate training in December went so well – we had many new crew members sign up while several of our level 2 candidates worked on their skills. Congratulations Tahlia who completed her level 2 award!

  • Churchie Year 10 expedition was a great success, with Bob, Sally and Jono backed up by Scott in the Navy Cadet rescue vessel. Great sailing conditions helped the young men in their skill development – a highlight was the “silent skipper” race on day 5 to get us home. Well done everyone!

  • Three day sailing events to Coochie with YouthPlus flexible learning schools have proven to be a great success – congratulations to Bryn and Ross for making it happen, and to all the amazing young people that took on the challenge!

  • A series of working bees enabled progress on the trailer bearings, improving the rigging and sanding and varnishing – and more are scheduled every Friday. Thanks so much to Ross, Kieron and everyone else that turned up to help out.

  • Blue Peter was shortlisted for the Outdoors Queensland Awards and gained a great little promo video in the process, thanks Danni! It was a great night out with a bunch of our skippers and helpers.

  • Sea School Certificate training during September 19-22 saw Amy, Dean and Seb all complete the practical component of their Sea School Certificate (level 2) training. Congratulations Amy and Dean who have also written up their reports to qualify!

  • Amy went to Italy and is busy planning – Moreton Island for Bronze, Lady Musgrave Island for Silver, where on earth will her Gold be planned for?

  • The Human Nature Young Womens’ 10 day expedition – hiking around Moreton Island then sailing home was truly amazing! Well done to Sally, Amie, Cherie and Andy for holding the space and being such great mentors on the big journey! Ross, Jono and Kieron were also great support, they were in awe of the great work being done. We hope to conduct this in partnership with Human Nature a couple of times every year from now on.


  • We now also have Instagram and a Youtube channel! Bring your camera on the next trip so we can get more footage to showcase our work in this way! Seb proved that filming from a drone while sailing is possible… what a brave move! Awesome potential for footage of the small boats under sail!

  • working bee saw Kieron, Ross and Jono installing shelving in the shipping container – great job guys! With Dean’s help we also made an awesome fire resistant fuel storage area and emptied the boats of all the extra gear that is being sorted onto the shelving. It is starting to come together in a great way!

  • Meetings with Human Nature Adventure Therapy staff and a preparation camp have laid the foundation for our biggest expedition program yet – a 3 month process involving several camps (including a mighty 10 day expedition through Moreton Bay). We are very excited by this development! Sally, Ross, Kieron, Yonna and Jono are all involved in partnership with Andy, Amie and Cherie who are remarkable therapists and are really inspiring to work with.


  • A sailing instructor currency day sail saw several new trainees join us for the first time in the small boats. Bryn, Ross, Dean, Loz, Danni, Jono and Peter set sail to practice our skills off Coochie Mudlo Island.


  • Tahlia took the initiative to apply for a place on the Young Endeavour and has been accepted for a 3 week training voyage from Mackay. WOW! Congratulations Tahlia!

  • Dean, Amy, Eva, Frankie, Seb and Jono set sail from Redcliffe to Lady Musgrave Island in Magic Happens during the school holidays. After many days at sea they soaked up heaps of great experiences including swimming with Manta Rays and Reef Sharks! Frankie and Jono sailed home from Bundaberg after Yonna kindly drove all the way to Bundaberg to bring home most of the crew in time for school.


  • Our shipping container arrived, and was eventually wrestled into place thanks to Max and his tractor, a very good truck driver and the efforts of Kieron, Ross and Jono to clear the site and create footings. It is being set up for our storage, workshop and office space with an undercover area for storing and working on the boats!


  • Nine Level 3 and four Level 2 trainees headed out on our first accredited course! What an amazing crew – eight skippers passed their practical assessment and are working on their planning tasks for upcoming expeditions to finish the requirements for their Sailing Instructor ticket and the associated units of competence. Congratulations!

  • Hillbrook Anglican School Yr 12 groups encountered rain one week and then floodwaters the next from ex-tropical cyclone Debbie! We were very impressed with the students who enjoyed learning to sail in the variable conditions… and with such determination in using their new skills to light fires with their bare hands! The staff at Hillbrook are pretty awesome too 🙂


  • Noosa Pengari Steiner School expedition was brilliant – in our experience Steiner students are the most intuitive and open to learning. We had great sailing conditions, and our skippers (Rob, Kim, Kieron, Ross, Sally, Bob and Jono) worked well with Ian and Sylvia who brought so much to the students!

  • Creative Approaches to Therapeutic Group work training was conducted by Jono and Yonna at Coomera – with very interesting staff from Silky Oaks and Youth Plus. These connections and partnerships keep getting stronger – and many young people will benefit as a result!

  • Australian Catholic University students had a blissful day of gentle sailing conditions and superb snorkelling at the wreck of the steam barge “Platypus”.

  • Rob and Jono conducted our annual Sailing Ability and Adventure Sailing events for the “Be Healthy and Active” initiative at Wyaralong Dam – with a great turnout from the local community. Thanks to Scenic Rim Regional Council and SEQWater for the continued support to provide these opportunities.

  • Maintenance on the boats continues with buoyancy upgrades and painting happening during our occasional working bees. Thanks so much in particular to Ross and Kieron for their consistent efforts in this area.


  • New EPIRBS, VHF radios, LUCI lights, compasses and updated safety equipment have been purchased to make up six complete kits in dry bags for the boats.

  • Keith Slack donated a Rob Legg Status 580 for our fleet and she has proved her racing potential – winning the Jollybod Cup at Dunwich in January! She has had her trailer upgraded and has been named Pelican.

  • Kim, Rob, Sally and Jono took Andy out for a sail in Osprey to begin planning our 10 day adventure therapy expedition later in the year.

  • Jono represented The Sea School – working with Sally and the crew with Churchie at Moogerah and Girraween, keeping a wider range of activity facilitation skills current (and our Sea School bank account topped up).


Sally and Fabian have bought a yacht! Clearwater is graceful and very well loved. Several skippers celebrated the summer solstice on board their yachts, anchored up at Peel Island. Look up ClearwaterCruising on Instagram!

Churchie Yr 10 boys had another cracking 5 day sail training expedition in November, with good winds, great skippers and fantastic food. We visited Myora and camped at Blakesleys and Horseshoe Bay.

Kayak lifeguard training was conducted for three organisations this year – assessments are being conducted.

Creative Approaches to Group work training was conducted in Sydney for the first time! Thanks to Yonna for her support to pull it together from scratch!

Accountants have been appointed to manage our books – a big relief for Jono!

The AGM was held in the first week of September and attended by the whole management committee. Plans have been made for the next 12 months and a report generated on the operation to date (Annual Report 2016)

A third version of training in “Working with young people” and group facilitation for adventure based learning was conducted for the STS South Passage Watch Leaders by Jono and Bryn in August.


Congratulations Amy Luke-Paredi, who has been awarded the first Helen Houghton scholarship after qualifying with her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition. Amy will be going on to complete our level 2 Sea School Certificate.

Ross, Bob, Rob, Sally and Jono were skippering and instructing on programs and training courses in the middle of the year – including Boonah State High School, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Scenic Rim Shire Council, Australian Catholic University, Youth Plus and Wesley Mission sailing adventures!


Rob, Ross and Kieron have been working to improve the rigging, rudders and positive buoyancy on Curlew and Sandpiper. Top job guys!

Yonna has been towing trailers everywhere, making our signal flags and sail covers – and organising the office. The to-do list is still growing and although it feels like we are paddling against the full flood tide… we know it will turn eventually!

We consolidated our Australian Canoeing training and assessment process with a range of training and assessments completed this year.

Ross got a job! After so many great Sea School expeditions and training opportunities he has decided to leave the building industry and begin youth work. Congratulations, we hope you will still be able to come out with us just as often…

Our Sea School Certificate program is evolving, and we are creating new partnerships for future programs and training.

jalibod cup 012 (2)

Bob has been rallying the adventure club in Boonah, and is busy planning Dukes expeditions as he has done for decades now. A true inspiration to us all.

Martin now registers and maintains Brahminy as his own boat separate to the fleet. She is the original “plug” that was once our flagship, and he has kindly offered that she will be available to us for expedition work when needed.

Among all the great work that Bryn does with Youth Plus, he is planning more South Passage voyages with the flexi crew, and has been working with Jono training canoe guides. And he bought a trailer sailor! Hooray!

Wesley Mission enabled an overnight program of sailing and kayaking with the Logan Youth Foyer crew – this time on Wyaralong Dam! What an awesome crew, these camps are a real highlight. Some people even made it to the top of Mount Joyce!

Scenic Rim shire Council sponsored two fun days of Sailing Ability on Wyaralong Dam, which was really well attended by several organisations and heaps of helpers in our wonderful community… thank you all for such a good time!Brahminy


Noosa Pengari Steiner School returned to the bay for their third Year 7 Sea School expedition. What an interesting class we got to know with Sarah at the helm. Ian, Kieron, Ross, Darren and Jono all jumped on board and we had a great time! We camped at Blakesleys for 4 nights and used the steady SE winds to explore Goat and Coochie-Mudlo Islands.

Our brave skippers Ross and Kieron, competed in the monohull division of the Jollibod Cup at Dunwich 31st January. The day was forecast 25knot NW-N making for difficult conditions at Dunwich. Undaunted, Ross and Kieron skippered their little open boats across the bay to start the race in fine form before sailing home in even stronger winds. Ross earned a magnificent badge.

2015 report:

Summer solstice was celebrated at Teerk – Roo – Ra with a great bunch of people. Welcome aboard Trav and Kate!

Churchie year 10 sailed for five days training aboard Osprey, Brahminy, Sandpiper and Curlew, along with some powerboat handling aboard Hudsonand James Abbott. Congratulations to all the skippers – Ross, Rob, Sally, Jono, Max and Raff for their great efforts – and to the young men for their conduct and enthusiasm to learn about sail expeditioning!

A ceremony was held at Brisbane City Hall for recipients of the Gold Award, and to recognise long serving Adventurous Journey Leaders for Queensland Duke of Edinburgh’ Award. It is so good to have sailing expeditions offered for the current cohort!


Noosa Pengari Steiner school year 7 class had a wonderful week on the bay with Wendy, Ian, Sally, Ross, Darren and Jono. We had Osprey, Brahminyand Seahorse working alongside Aristocat who proved to be an excellent mothership and great fun to jump off! We are grateful for the fair sailing winds, organic super-food and marvellous storytelling around the fire…

Wesley Mission Adventure sailing through the Southport Seaway was really well attended! What a highlight for the Logan Youth Foyer crew – sailing through the seaway! Whoo hoo we saw a whale!


Boonah State High School 4 day Gold Duke of Ed expeditions were amazing – see our second blog entry for a story from the latest trip!


Discovery Christian College enjoyed five days of exploring Moreton Bay including 3 days on Osprey, Brahminy and Seahorse. The feedback was excellent…


Congratulations Ross who won the inaugural Winter Solstice Regatta 2015 in fine style, and thank you to all our skippers and helpers who took part!


2014 and earlier…

The inaugural Jolibod Cup in January 2014 was a hoot, with light winds treating the fleet to a tidal challenge. Our Sea School fleet was well represented, with skippers and crew camping at the Caravan Park and deciding to formalise the Sea School which happened in March 2014.

It all began after Jono had initiated a number of sail training programs as a sole trader, and thanks to financial support from Bob and Martin – we commissioned Brahminy and then Sandpiper as our first training boats. The first Sea School programs conducted included Churchie Yr10, Blue Peter Skipper training, Roma House and Noosa Pengari Steiner School expeditions in 2013.

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