Beyond seamanship!


Training Pathways develop skills in leadership of marine expeditions and the facilitation of effective learning environments.The curriculum is covered through sequenced adventures with progressively more responsibility.

  • CREW (Level 1) involves learning the competencies to “hand, reef and steer”, operating as a capable member of both a small boat sailing crew and expedition team.

  • MATE (Level 2)  recognises assistant skippers, who are able to lead by example, teach the crew and consistently perform a high standard of skills to support the work of skippers and the expedition leader.

  • SKIPPER (Level 3) – manages adventure activities with the capacity to act in each of the watch leader expedition roles.

  • MASTER (Level 4) – expedition leadership for planning and co-ordination of expeditions and training/mentoring for Skippers.



Staff training:

We deliver tailored and specialised training for the human services sector:

  • Deepening engagement

  • Co-facilitation and situational leadership skills

  • Clear practice frameworks and approaches to learning

  • Working with conflict and holding space for difficult conversations

  • Trauma informed practice and facilitating the therapeutic benefit of adventures


Sailing/Kayaking Instructor training:

Expedition experiences followed by an intensive 5 day training introduces the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to be a great skipper/instructor.


Duke of Edinburgh Award:

  • Preliminary expedition training

  • Adventurous Journeys – Practice and Qualifying for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

  • Gold residential projects

  • Community service, physical recreation and skill development opportunities



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