Our vessels swim, fly and sing with love and constant maintenance!


We use various paddle craft, open boats and training ships to meet a wide range of aims, training outcomes and expedition purposes. We hold regular working bees and use our income to continually upgrade our fleet.


We use small boats as the basis for our sail training programs because we know that learning about seamanship requires real “hands on” experiences that a small boat provides in bucket loads – really practical skills that are applicable in a range of environments on and off the water.


Many of our training vessels are ballasted “lug rigged yawls” based on centuries-old technology – ideal for carrying heavy loads (crew plus expedition requirements) in most of the wind and sea conditions experienced on the bay. They are capable of sailing in much stronger conditions to those we will ever encounter doing group work.

We also use centreboard vessels, which provide additional lessons in sailing skills and allows for easier access to our beach campsites. Sea kayaks, rowing boats and outrigger canoes can also be used to attain similar group work and training objectives.


Currently gracing our small boat fleet we have:

  • Osprey – 19ft Scruffie Sienna (up to seven crew)

  • Sandpiper – 18ft Scruffie Stornaway (up to six crew)

  • Curlew – 18ft Scruffie Stornaway (up to six crew)

  • Whimbrel – 18ft Scruffie Stornaway (up to six crew)

  • Godwit – 18ft Scruffie Stornaway (up to six crew)

  • Pelican – 19ft Status RL580 (up to six crew)

  • A fleet of Expedition Sea Kayaks


We also have access to:

  • Additional small sailing boats and sea kayaks

  • Open canoes for enclosed waters and moving water expeditions – from the mountains to the sea!

  • Outrigger ocean canoes with sailing capability

  • Charter yachts – commercial keel boats and catamarans (8-32 crew)

  • Tall ships (up to 25 crew)


Our long term plan is to establish a sail training ship for Blue Peter, linking the various fleets of small boats and enabling offshore training passages for trainee skippers.

Scruffie Sienna

The Sea School have pioneered the use of these little ships for sail training and expedition uses. We commissioned Brahminy as the prototype (and plug for the mould) which was developed and built by Derek Ellard at Scruffie Marine specifically to carry a big load (eg. expedition gear for 15 people). Osprey was one of the subsequent fibreglass versions built with a canvas cuddy which serves to protect our gear.

IMG_2620 (2)We would like to offer a school based project for the construction of our next Sienna. Building a boat and then learn to sail in it involves a whole community of people, and we would love to help out! Please contact us with your interest!


Scruffie Stornaway 18

Whimbrel, Godwit, Sandpiper and Curlew are great examples of the original kit (homebuilt plywood versions) boats designed by Derek Ellard.


Many Stornaways have been used for sail training purposes, and we love their beautiful lines and traditional rig. They can often match the Sienna’s sailing ability and are suitable for up to six people in the crew.


RL 580

“Pelican” is a 5.8m  RL580 Status centreboard sailing vessel, donated to us by Keith Slack on Coochie Mudlo Island. She has performed well at the hands of Kieron and his crew on many occasions, including winning the Jollybod Cup!


Expedition Sea Kayaks

We use sea kayaks for our skipper training, seamanship and skill development, and use as expedition vessels  – often complementing our sailing boats to travel as a mixed fleet.


Sea kayaks offer additional physical and mental challenges that can really enhance learning and the sense of achievement in reaching such beautiful destinations. They also enhance our experience of communication and co-operation on the water as a counterpoint to the team environment experienced on sailing boats.


Outrigger ocean canoe

Polynesian style, fast and seaworthy designs with sailing capability are recommended for team development cultural and physical extension programs. We are currently sourcing two OC6 versions to join up as a sailing catamaran and awesome paddling unit for expeditions.


Volunteer Marine Rescue

We are grateful for the service provided by all emergency services and are associate members of Victoria Point Volunteer Marine Rescue. VMR provide us with excellent rescue boat coverage throughout Moreton Bay and the Southport Broadwater and are kept informed of our activities in the bay. We hope to partner for some mutually beneficial training in the future.

Charter Yachts

Larger vessels can enable mothership style approaches with small boats, or provide options for extended expeditions or larger groups.

Sailing to remote or offshore destinations is attainable using bigger yachts. Approved vessels can be found in a range of fantastic locations such as Moreton, Hervey and Keppel Bays, and of course, the Whitsundays!🌞

P1010460 (2)1379800996515

Magic Happens

Our 12.2 metre Hitchiker sailing catamaran is the prototype for our future mothership – and has been used for a range of voluntary Dukes expeditions and skipper training to remote destinations such as Lady Musgrave Island and Lord Howe Island.

Magic Happens is not in survey and therefore not available for our regular training or expedition work.


 South Passage

The South Passage is a magnificent 100ft Gaff rigged Schooner based in Moreton Bay and regularly voyaging between Cairns and Sydney.

Check out this Blue Peter/YouthPlus voyage on the South Passage from Brisbane to Hervey Bay! out…

Our little ships can also be used to deliver sail training in preparation for, in partnership with, or as an extension to a South Passage voyage.

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