Open keel boats (and other training ships)

Prepare to cast off the lines!


Small sailing boats are infinitely beautiful, and are always ready to go with a hint of trouble! They form the basis of many effective sail training programs, because learning about “seamanship” and safety in a high risk environment requires careful management, supervision and training, while allowing “hands on” experiences that can be buckets of fun! 

Our boats are based on centuries old Scottish designs – post boats and fishing smacks – ballasted lug rigged yawls and beamy gaff rigged sloops, that are ideal for stability and strength of the rig, with a hull to carry heavy loads (such as 7 crew with full expedition requirements for a week away).

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They are proven as good sea boats in heavy wind and sea conditions beyond our operating environment, but we often reef down or run under jib and mizzen when it blows hard. Hundreds of kilos of ballast help with stability, trim and adding momentum to the press. Her rig is simple but versatile and strong.

Sienna 19 (Blue Peter boats)

Martin Kelly and Jono Goss commissioned Brahminy as the prototype of our Blue Peter expedition boats in 2012 – developed and built by Derek Ellard at Scruffie Marine. Designed specifically to carry a heavy load, this design has been put through her paces! Osprey is another of our Sienna 19’s that was built in fibreglass. Sturdy, reliable and 
A refined model made from the same mould “Pelican” is currently under construction by our Pelican Slipways crew.

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Stornaway 18

Whimbrel, Godwit and Sandpiper are great examples of the Stornaway – open keel boats designed by Derek Ellard. Steady yet prone to accidental capsize when caught off guard, they are the perfect training boat. We love their beautiful lines and traditional lug rig. Stornaways can match the Sienna’s sailing ability and are suitable for up to six people.


Amity 20

Designed in Brisbane by Peter Coulson and Euan McGregor, the Amity 20 is a centreboard version of traditional beamy, gaff rigged fishing boats designed for  working against the wind and tide. These are exciting boats to sail and can take up to seven people. Kestrel and Sky are our two Amity sloops.

Sea Kayaks

Epic expedition vessels; sea kayaks are great for developing physical and mental strength and are perfect foils to the sailing fleet in our bay environment since they can be used stand alone, supported or to complement our sailing fleet for a range of group and expedition objectives. 


Volunteer Marine Rescue and Coastguard

We are grateful for the search and rescue services provided by the VMR, Coastguard and other emergency services. We are associate members of Victoria Point Volunteer Marine Rescue who provide us with rescue boat coverage throughout Moreton Bay and the Southport Broadwater. We keep them informed of all our activities in the bay. 

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Charter Yachts

Larger vessels can enable mothership style approaches with our small boats, or provide options for extended expeditions or larger groups. Expeditions under sail to more remote or offshore destinations, sleeping aboard and on overnight passages is more attainable using bigger yachts.

Magic Happens

Our 12.2 metre Hitchiker sailing catamaran is the prototype for our future mothership – and has been used for a range of voluntary Dukes expeditions and personal skipper extensions to wonderful destinations such as Lady Musgrave Island and Lord Howe Island.


 South Passage

The South Passage is a magnificent 100ft Gaff rigged Schooner based in Moreton Bay and is regularly voyaging between Cairns and Sydney.

Check out this voyage on the South Passage – from Brisbane to Hervey Bay! 

We partner with South Passage for special events, transfer services, schools programs, and we can deliver sequenced training for groups as a preparation for, or extension to a South Passage voyage.

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