Teachers and Parent information

Teachers and Parents share our concerns about risk management, duty of care and learning outcomes, and we invite you to discuss this in detail with us. We take great care to ensure our training and supervision is delivered to the very best standards, and are humbled by feedback which suggests we continue to do an excellent job of balancing the benefits and dangers of offering high risk activities.

We train and employ the highest quality youth workers as skippers under the Educational Services Award, because we believe their vigilance and experience is the key – not only to safety and successful learning outcomes – but also to the sharing and caring and challenging culture of an expedition family. This includes healthy risk taking and deep support for each other, without exceptions.

Our focus has been developing the highest standards in safety and facilitation of learning, by enabling educators to become skippers. Our growth has been steady with repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. Our most important work relates to the extended programs that offer deeper experiences – our ten day adventure therapy expeditions are highly regarded.

Our standard practices are outlined in our Safety Management System documentation which can be found under Resources, or that we are happy to send to you and discuss in detail.

Email training@bluepeteraustralia.com with your questions.

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