Risk Management

Our concern with safety and risk management is paramount, and balancing risk with competence throughout the training pathway is our core business. Our program outcomes are second to none, due in large part to the staff who take great care in facilitating learning and growth to the very best standards. Our systems are always under review and being improved. Feedback from our partner organisations indicates that we do an excellent job of ensuring the benefits and inherent risks of facilitating high risk activities are balanced carefully.

We train, support and employ the very best youth workers as skippers – volunteering and as casual workers under the Educational Services Award. We believe that encouraging and valuing their dedication, vigilance and experience is the key since it is a complex and variable role – simultaneously developing, nurturing and and challenging the culture of an expedition family. We are only able to explore personal and healthy risk taking with deep and unconditional support.

Our focus is on developing high standards in safety and facilitation in a field that is largely self regulated and diverse n practice – by combining the best of maritime operations, youth work and educational approches, we enable our educators to become skippers, and skippers to become educators. This quality has allowed Blue Peter to have steady growth through repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. At the heart of our operation are the extended expedition programs that offer far reaching experiences for targeted youth groups, naturally this comes with additional risks and requirements, and we are developing a community of practice around this important work.

Our standard practices are outlined in our Safety Management System documentation and other Blue Peter Policy documents which can discuss in detail with you.

Please email Jono at training@bluepeteraustralia.com or call 0428 868 169 with any questions.

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