Planning & Preparation for a Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

Before you embark on an Adventurous Journey, whether it’s an Exploration, an Expedition, or and Adventurous Project, it’s critical that you are well-prepared.

Below are the categories for which Duke of Edinburgh expect you to plan.

While you are on your journey with us, we will be looking for evidence that you have considered these things. Importantly, we are here to support you, not test or trick you. So we will do all we can to support you in your Practice journey, so you can fine tune your skills and return on your Qualifying Journey with all the confidence you need to have a safe and fun journey!

And remember…. you can always call on us for help on

In the meantime, look at the categories below and explore the links.

Appreciating the culture within the journey’s environment Blue Peter venues
Camp craft, including food and cookingmeal planning advice
Competency in the mode of travel – check out our Mate Adventure Guide for all you need to know 🙂
First Aid and emergency procedures
NavigationBlue Peter Navigation foundations
Necessary equipment and how to use itwhat to bring on your Adventurous Journey
Observation and recording skills – including reading weather and tides.
BOM is a valuable resource: Weather RadarSynoptic ChartsRainfallMarine weather

Route planning
Team building and leadership training
Understanding of the Adventurous Journey
Understanding the impact of the journey on the environment
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