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We are committed to making this social enterprise effective and sustainable as a volunteer training organisation in service to our community.


Being fully self funded, we are reliant on earning money for our services in order to maintain the high standards of our equipment and resources, brilliant expedition experiences, training scholarships and happy volunteers in pursuit of our aims (The Sea School Manifesto)

All ongoing costs associated with insurance, permits and registrations, accountancy and volunteer training are covered each year and we aim to keep our costs as low as possible – if you can afford more then please do. We really appreciate your support! 🎯


Prices (including GST) for our services are*:

  • $297 per person to attend a self catered training expedition (4-5 days in duration) and $242 for any subsequent expeditions

  • $352 per person to attend a fully catered training expedition (4-5 days in duration) and $330 for any subsequent expeditions

  • $605/day for each “expedition unit” of a fully equipped and staffed sailing boat, canoeing or sea kayaking pod for remote area activity conduction

  • $198/day for participation in our various training courses (including meals provided by Scenic Rim Soulfood)

  • $396/day for contracting our skilled, experienced and qualified adventure activity guides and instructors for delivering external programs under our insurance

  • $462/day for contracting skilled and experienced registered teachers and training officers to deliver external programs under our insurance

  • Quality equipment including camping, safety and activity gear requirements can also be hired by agreement, please contact us for availability and pricing

  • The finest, healthy, affordable catering can also be arranged for your expeditions through Scenic Rim Soulfood YUM!

 *unless otherwise negotiated

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo make a donation, contribution, or payment for services, please make a direct deposit into our account, using your name as a reference:

Bendigo Bank, Boonah Branch
Account name: The Sea School P/L
BSB 633000, Account number 151674132


Expedition bookings are only able to be confirmed after receipt of payment and your medical/consent forms.

Please access our program resources including what to bring lists and the medical and consent form along with other information to read before contacting us with any questions.


Our cancellation policy is very simple:

  • If we need to change plans for any reason, then rescheduling by mutual agreement is our priority – otherwise you can request a full refund.

  • If you need to change plans, we will keep trying to reschedule – unless you want to request a refund minus a $55 administration fee.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConsider giving a gift that is really meaningful and will last forever!

We can provide a personalised gift certificate for training opportunities or expedition experiences.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss ideas and options for helping to provide particular experiences or opportunities for learning and personal growth in your community. We would also love any assistance in funding our scholarships.


Ah yes, if you need to invoice us, please quote:

The Sea School P/L
ABN: 52168709251


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