There comes a time when you have to give it all you have got!

We are going all out on the mission to fly the Blue Peter for our future, as an inspired community of practice!

Our immediate goal is to raise funds to purchase custom expedition vessels, aiming to replace our existing fleet over the next five years.

Please join our crew, or perhaps you could help us financially in one of the following ways:

Give a gift that is really meaningful and will last forever! Imagine who you would like to see benefit from an expedition experience, then make it happen!

We can customise and send a gift certificate for adventure training, our skills training process or survival camps.

To make a donation or payment, please make a direct deposit to:

The Sea School P/L
BSB 633000 #151674132

Blue Peter sailing shirts are available in sea or sand colours. They are quality long sleeved, UV protective, quick dry and comfortable – $40 each (collected at the start of your expedition) – or $50 delivered to you.


Get a tankard! A long lasting and very useful (two litre!) stainless steel water bottle with handle on the lid and a fantastic seal for just $35, you can collect one at the start of your expedition, so bring cash if you would like any items to take home.


Blue Peter bumper stickers – a great way to fly the flag, and meet people who have also had a great adventure!

Get on board!

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