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The Sea School is being made possible through a co-operative social enterprise; a wonderful community of practice that includes many different people and organisations.


We commit the income and donations we receive to enhance our mission. Sustaining our operational costs – such as insurance, permits and registrations, maintenance and upgraded equipment, volunteer expenses, staff training, scholarships and improving/expanding our fleet relies on an enormous generosity of spirit,  and everyone involved contributes something special.

By working together to deliver and improve our services, we can all know, feel and see that our efforts are resulting in positive change that is aligned with our core values. 🌐


You can assist us by…

  • enrolling a young person interested in joining our crew

  • undertaking training yourself, or assisting with maintenance and logistics support

  • helping to spread the word and recruit more champions for Blue Peter

  • donating expedition clothing, safety and camping equipment, suitable boats, kayaks and trailers

  • reviewing, editing and enhancing our program and training resources and systems

  • sponsoring a small or large project, or hosting a special event or family program


To make a financial contribution or payment for services, please direct deposit to The Sea School’s account:

  • BSB: 633000

  • Account number: 151674132

  • Account name: The Sea School P/L


The extraordinary generosity and service by the following people, who have supported our mission in so many different ways is worth celebrating!

  • Paul and Barbara Goss 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Bob Houghton and Alexina Johnson 🛶

  • Martin Kelly and Lorraine Browne 🦉

  • Terry and Margaret Gillett 🎪

  • Janet Hosking ⛵

  • Ross and Julie Pollard 🛠️

  • Sally McAdam and Fabian Vaca 💙

  • Rob and Bev Wigginton 💛

  • Kieron and Georgia McCartney ❤️

  • Ben Dyer and Kate Manning 🌿

  • Jono Goss and Yonna Powell 💜

  • Max and Margaret Moor 🏡

  • Ian Hamilton 🍃

  • Keith Slack ⛵

  • Sally and Margaret Hart 🌺

  • Kim Kenyon 🐚

  • Will and Joan O’Brien 🦈

  • Danni Lambert 🐙

  • Lauren Tasker 🌼

  • Virginia Mitchell ⛅

  • Bryn Dunlop 🌴

  • Emma Maltby 🌻

  • David Murchie ⚓

  • Joe and Sally Haisty 🛶

  • All our trainees and helpers 🏳️‍🌈


THANK YOU… now let’s keep up the great work…






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