The Sea School is a co-operative social enterprise; a wonderful community of practice that includes many different people and organisations.


Thanks to the generosity of spirit from so many people, we are able to sustain our operation at a very high standard, with all profits going towards furthering our cause (outlined in The Sea School Manifesto).

Working together to deliver and improve our (and other organisations’) services – we know, feel and can see that our efforts are resulting in positive change that is aligned with our core values. 🌐


Please help. You can assist us by…

  • enrolling a young person who is interested in joining our crew

  • undertaking training yourself, or sponsoring a trainee

  • assisting with maintenance and logistics support

  • helping to spread the word and recruit more champions for Blue Peter

  • donating expedition clothing, safety and camping equipment, suitable boats, kayaks and trailers

  • reviewing, editing and enhancing our program and training resources and systems

  • sponsoring a small or large project that will assist with development

  • hosting or enabling a tailored family program


The extraordinary generosity and service by the following people, who have supported our mission in so many different ways is worth celebrating!

  • Paul and Barbara Goss 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Bob Houghton and Alexina Johnson 🛶

  • Martin Kelly and Lorraine Browne 🦉

  • Terry and Margaret Gillett 🎪

  • Janet Hosking ⛵

  • Ross and Julie Pollard 🛠️

  • Sally McAdam and Fabian Vaca 💙

  • Rob and Bev Wigginton 💛

  • Kieron and Georgia McCartney ❤️

  • Ben Dyer and Kate Manning 🌿

  • Jono Goss and Yonna Powell 💜

  • Max and Margaret Moor 🏡

  • Ian Hamilton 🍃

  • Rob Davies 💪

  • Keith Slack ⛵

  • Sally and Margaret Hart 🌺

  • Kim Kenyon 🐚

  • Will and Joan O’Brien 🦈

  • Danni Lambert 🐙

  • Lauren Tasker 🌼

  • Virginia Mitchell ⛅

  • Bryn Dunlop 🌴

  • Emma Maltby 🌻

  • David Murchie ⚓

  • Joe and Sally Haisty 🛶

  • Samuel Martel 🔥

  • All our current trainees and helpers 🏳️‍🌈


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