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Our Survey Monkey evaluation only takes a few minutes and will give us valuable feedback about your experience.

If you have been on a Sea School or Blue Peter expedition, please take a minute to provide your feedback here…

Your honest feedback is treated confidentially, and appreciated for our improvement.

Only program, training and maintenance level information is shared publicly.

Here is the link to the survey form if you would like to save and send to yourself or others: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SYBPFTS

We are interested in long term partnerships with organisations to design and evaluate sequenced expedition programs to address and report on your specific objectives.

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The Sea School also participates in UPLOADS which is administered by the University of the Sunshine Coast Accident Research Scheme (USCAR) team – a national initiative that helps us to track our incident and near miss statistics for risk management purposes, and it will also contribute to this area of research. The findings from this research are accessible to everyone involved in the outdoor adventure industry, and it will be interesting to see how sailing stacks up. Initial findings suggest the most incidents occur during cooking and games activities, which is consistent with our experience. If you would like to participate in the study, contact uploadsproject@usc.edu.au


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  1. mitchell brown says:

    I had an amazing time on the water learning the ropes of sailing with the crew out there, everyone was happy friendly and willing to help, i personally believe your business enterprise has great chances as either a non-profit organisation or a legitimate business.

    I personally will jump at any chance possible to get back on the water with you and your wonderful boats and would even love,the opportunity to volunteer my time to do anything i can to help, just one three days on the water and i already have plans to get a licence, and anything i can to help myself get out in the water more often, i have the best of hopes for your enterprise and all i need to know now is how soon can i plan a trip with my friends?
    I hope to see you soon and keep in touch.

    • Hey Mitchell! Thanks for the comments, yes Bob, Martin and I are meeting about the next step tomorrow morning. You are a natural sailor Mitchell. Perhaps you will help to skipper a boat in the race from Straddie on the weekend of 8th Feb? Let’s get back out there soon.

    • Hey Mitchell! Would you like to write something for your place in the crew tab? Are you happy with those photos? Looking forward to sailing with you this weekend!

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