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We pay close attention to creating a safe and positive learning environment for everyone. Our skippers are really fun, friendly, skilled – and they know all the best places… you will love it!

Here are a few examples of what it can be like:

So come and get involved in planning the best expedition you can imagine! The most fun and memorable experiences, such as paddling a canoe from the mountains to the sea, learning to sail a gorgeous wooden boat alongside dugongs, whales, turtles and dolphins, camping on a beach, stargazing and storytelling by the fire… all started with an idea and an action plan.

SSlogo  School camps and the Sea School Certificate 


AABAT-Logo-80x100  Discovery programs

  • Selection process, skills development and planning involves young people in mapping their own journey.
  • 4-10 day expedition focus
  • Follow up and celebration dinner
  • Discovery expeditions

NPQLD Activity Provider logo hi-res (2)Family connection experiences:

  • Negotiated planning process
  • 5 day adventure sailing and camping on islands
  • Make your wish list!

New Picture  Special needs programs – tailored for specific groups for example sailing-ability-2017

 chart-logoDuke of Edinburgh Award programs – participating in our Sea School Certificate training more than meet the requirements for your training and qualifying expeditions – options for your adventurous journey, physical recreation, skills and service are outlined below.

Dukes Training Phase – land and sea based

Training for your qualifying expeditions is largely hands on. You will be involved in a process which includes some team development, basic training and planning for the practice journey, and then your qualifying expedition. Everything we do up until the qualifying expedition is considered to be the training (practice) phase, and can take as long as you need. Since weather and other factors influence the range of venues and skills that are covered on each expedition, it is recommended that you plan to complete two expeditions as practice attempts before attempting to qualify – particularly for the gold award. A passage plan is required to register an expedition as qualifying to begin assessment.

Skill development ideas for your award can include, but not limited to 

  • rope work, line handling, splicing and knot tying
  • weather awareness, interpretation and forecasting
  • wind, wave and tidal awareness, interpretation and forecasting
  • marine environment knowledge and interpretation
  • navigation theory and practice
  • sail theory, boat design and fluid dynamics
  • terminology and symbols used at sea
  • IRPCS regulations theory and practice
  • marine communications theory and practice
  • food planning and expedition logistics
  • group facilitation and situational leadership skills
  • remote area first aid and emergency preparedness

Your Physical Recreation section can also include, but not limited to:

  • sea kayaks
  • outrigger ocean canoes
  • rowing/surf boats
  • sailing vessels
  • swimming
  • snorkelling
  • tall ship work

Your Community Service requirement can include, but not limited to:

  • Training and support of other candidates
  • Assistant skipper duties
  • Conservation projects
  • Environmental focus “clean up the beach”

We also encourage you to serve time with

  • Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Sea Shepherd

Service is integral to Sea School activities however there is no “double dipping” eg if you are completing your service requirements while on expedition, it must not also be a practice or qualifying expedition for you.

We focus our service towards ships, sailors and the marine environment. At sea, a ship assumes more importance than any individual, and this allows us to explore metaphors for our involvement with the broader community and our planet.





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