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Expeditionary learning is a philosophy of being and growing together in the natural world – and is the most powerful framework we have encountered for personal growth and lifelong learning.


Paying close attention to creating a safe and positive environment for everyone, while challenging ourselves to take risks and support each other to have real conversations about our adventures is just part of what creates a really powerful group process.


Celebrating diversity is integral to a healthy expedition community; we use sailing as a medium to enhance our communication, decision making and other life skills involved in being “at the helm” and “in the same boat” or “weathering the storm” – using story telling to share our literal and metaphorical voyages of discovery.

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Nature supports us and helps us to recognise important patterns. Tuning in to the natural rhythms of the earth, as we experience it through the cycles of sun and moon, seasons and tides, wind and waves – and sharing the life of an expedition family, helps us connect more deeply with each other, rediscover our strengths and ignite our personal energy. Solo time to allow this connection is valued as much as the varied social environment during an expedition.


It is through the navigation of life’s hazards (and our inevitable mistakes) that we can learn the most important lessons – as well as creating memorable experiences! Failure can be celebrated, not avoided. This is important work! We all have stories to share… and a need to create even more…


“Rites of Passage” for young people being taken into new learning environments by their community elders is just a small part of the mentoring that occurs intentionally through our Sea School programs – we “walk with” rather than aiming to “teach” each other, since we recognise that we all have a lot to learn!


We believe that creating connectedness is life changing. So please join us as we venture “outward bound” to new horizons, and “inward bound” to learn more about ourselves and our relationships.



There are some remarkable people in this world who dedicate themselves to youth and community work in the same way they approach life – with love and a spirit of adventure!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATragically some of these people have passed away too soon, yet they still continue to influence our work at The Sea School…


Helen Houghton                        042a

Helen was an exceptional educator and Duke of Edinburgh Award coordinator for Boonah State High School. Together with her husband Bob, they conducted expeditions for many years, and helped the Sea School to get established.


Andre Vogel                                 Profile Pic

Andre was an talented educator – a Steiner School teacher and Sea School skipper who was committed to sharing his love and understanding of people, nature and the ocean.



Kate Haisty                                  159432_n

Kate was an outdoors woman and a remarkable social worker who is a great inspiration to many people whose lives she touched. Her work and legacy continues to influence our philosophy at The Sea School.


Sea School Scholarships

We offer scholarship opportunities for trainees who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to training and wish to assist with our focus on community service.

The Helen Houghton Memorial Scholarship enables Level 2 Sea School Certificate trainees and Duke of Edinburgh Award students to undertake further training and extension programs at a reduced cost.

The Kate Haisty Memorial Scholarship enables a Level 3 Sea School Certificate trainees to undertake the Sailing Instructors course and Skipper extension training at a reduced cost.

The Andre Vogel Memorial Scholarship enables a Level 4 Sea School Certificate trainees to undertake advanced training at a reduced cost.

Please apply here: scholarship-application-form





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