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Ahoy there! We would love to hear from you!


We are often out of the office, so if we don’t respond straight away, please send details via email or text, so we can get back to you in due course.

Blue Peter
933 Reckumpilla Street
Mount Alford Q 4310
(07) 5463 0488

Jono Goss
0428 868 169

Yonna Powell
Scenic Rim Soulfood
0427 762 469

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The following positions are shared among our skippers and mates:

White Watch Leader – Administration, Finance and HR

Red Watch Leader – Logistics, Equipment and Maintenance

Orange Watch Leader – Safety and Risk Management

Yellow Watch Leader – Program Planning

Green Watch Leader – Food and Sustainability

Blue Watch Leader – Curriculum and Training

Purple Watch Leader – Network and Marketing


4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hello Joe it was great to meet you that day, apologies it has taken this long for me to see this message but yes we are very interested in working together, will contact you next week. Cheers, Jono

  2. thank you Len, great to hear, it’s important to be working with the next generation of sailors hey?

  3. Wow, saw you guys hiding from the weather at VMR this morning..not a good day..have been following the craft for several weeks now…love ’em…but at 79 a bit old to start now…happy sailing and kind seas

  4. Hi
    My Name is Joe Reitano and I am the Assistant Region commissioner for scout in Brisbane North Region.
    Yesterday myself and some fellow Scout Leaders were out sailing and met one of your friendly people at the Horse Shoe Bay camping area , Peel Island.
    I am working on running a sailing / camping event for Scouts in November 2020 and was wondering if we could work with Blue Peter on the event.
    I can be contacted by email per my sign off below or mobile 0438 3265 73
    Joe ” Dunnart ” Reitano
    Assistant Region Commissioner – Scouts,
    Brisbane North Region
    0438 3265 73

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