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Scroll down to find:

  • Sea School forms and documentation

  • Information on where to meet and what to bring

  • Research and training links/resources for your Sea School Certificate study

  • Some related video links for your viewing pleasure!

  • Links to similar sail training and adventure therapy organisations in our region and around the world – check it out!

  • Suggestion box – please add ideas or email us attachments for inclusion on this page – the aim is to become a really useful resource for everyone 🙂


Commonly requested items:

Documentation required from you:

  • Medical and consent form please scan them to us as early as possible, and also bring the paper copies with you.

  • Refer to the costs tab for payment details – and email us a note when paid

  • Bookings can be confirmed when you have sent us both of the above

  • The trainee register, required for group bookings only

Where to go and what to bring:

  • Where to go and what to expect on the first day of your expedition

  • Food planning ideas

  • A list of what to bring for our sailing expeditions (please adapt for day programs or specific needs)

  • We will contact you directly to discuss planning needs including your menu, equipment and plans etc. We do have spares of most things so please let us know if you need something or have a question!

  • Hopes and concerns for the expedition – we will have a chance to discuss these before we depart so please jot your thoughts down in preparation…

  • Personality traits – for really good team work it helps if you know your own strengths and challenges – if you are new to this we recommend AusIdentities which you can find out more by doing this quiz


Sea School Certificate – research and training information:

Crew (Level 1)

  • Expedition handbook (under development)

  • Queensland Boating Guide 2017

  • The Sea School Certificate – Crew (Level 1) can be completed with adequate preparation, and at least four days of applying your skills development in an expedition setting



Mate (Level 2)

  • Attainment of a Sea School Certificate – Mate (Level 2)  involves at least two expeditions to demonstrate leadership and mentoring of your skills for others.

  • Partnership with a Skipper to approve Level 1 candidates

  • Sea School Certificate Training Level 2 are rough notes that a skipper will help you to complete in preparation for your qualifying expeditions.

  • Example of a Qualifying Expedition Report


Skipper (Level 3)


Master (Level 4)

  • Commercial Skipper and/or Sailing/Sea Instructor qualifications along with suitable Training and Assessment qualifications which are required to assess Level 3 candidates.

IMG_5067 (2)

Moreton Bay Venue information


Marine weather interpretation and forecast information

phone 141

Navigation planning and ColRegs research








Marine Rescue


 Minimal Impact and Ocean Protection


Adventure education/wilderness therapy information:



Risk and Risk Management


Group Leadership and Facilitation




Adventure Based and Outdoor Learning articles


Social and emotional skills, resilience


Motivational Interviewing/Conversations


 Psychology and Adventure Therapy  articles and resources


Rites of Passage


Debriefing and reflective practice


Narrative practice

0 (1)



Historical perspective – Kurt Hahn


More helpful frameworks and models:

Links to related media – movies, books and documentaries.

Adventure under sail:

Hold Fast, Red Dot on the Ocean, White Squall, Maidentrip, Sea Gypsies, Between HomeAll is Lost, The Iceberg, The Dove, 180deg South,


Morning Light, Turning TideThe Race before the Race, Children of the WindWind, Racing Around the World Alone,

Historical references:

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, The Last Cape Horners, Hornblower, LongitutudeIn the Heart of the SeaMutiny, Kon Tiki, Joshua SlocumDeep Water, The Endurance, Little Ships of England, HMB Endeavour, Mutiny on the Bounty,

Sail Training:

China STA, SALTS, SALTS and KOLEO, SEA,  South Passage, Wyld Swan

Boat Building:

From Timber to Tide, My Gulf, Sails, Sweat and Sea, Shetland Isles, Ben and Alva,

Fun and general interest:

Once in a Blue Moon, Beyond the West Horizon, Ocean Pearl, Rasmus, Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas, Muppets Treasure IslandIn the Heart of the Sea, Treasure Island, 20 000 Leagues under the Sea,


Books that are available in our library:

(under development – please send us your donations and any suggestions!) Approx 190 salty adventure books we have collected are about to be catalogued, and available to borrow by the Sea School crew. Watch this space… or help!


Links to other sail training organisations:

Sail Training – Research and Evaluation


 South Passage – Brisbane

View the  South Passage video  (featuring Edmund Rice Education and Blue Peter) and this one too


McIntyre Adventure – Tonga

Pamphlett Sea Scouts – Brisbane  BSA Sea Scout Manual

SAILS bayside – Brisbane


The Helmsman Project – Sydney


 Windeward Bound – Hobart


 Tribal Warrior – Redfern

One and All – Adelaide

 Leeuwin – Perth


 Sea Trek – Perth                                                       Pelican – Bermagui


 Young Endeavour – Sydney         Young Endeavour report                         

Spirit of Adventure – New Zealand


 Trinity Sailing Foundation – UK   

Ocean Youth Trust UK 

Classic Sailing – UK  Handbook

Sail Training International                     STI research                                 

Sailaday – England

Gordonstoun – Scotland


Australian adventure/nature therapy organisations


The Nature School


Dovetail – Brisbane

Outdoor Education Research and Evaluation Centre (Wilderdom)

EvolveWilderness Treatment AustraliaScripture Union – Connect

 Please send your suggestions for further links and learning resources:


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