Ha Haar! You have found the treasure!


In the days leading to an expedition, you might be interested in using the following planning information:

Check the B.O.M!
Weather Radar, Synoptic Charts, Rainfall, Marine weather

Know your CPR and first aid techniques for a range of situations:
Survival First Aid

Always leave the places cleaner that before, by organising beach clean ups and rubbish collections:
Leave no trace

When self catering, organise a shared food planning group to create a menu and shopping lists:
Food planning ideas

A great team knows their own strengths and challenges:
AusIdentities is a simple example – do this quiz.

Do you know your colregs?

Your navigation depends on good information, look up the tide times and use resources such as:

You can also use Google Maps or Google Earth for satellite photos which can help look at anchorages and make for easy calculation of Latitude and Longitude (right click, what’s here?)

The SouthernMoretonBaybeacon

and other sources of information can then be used to create a Passage Plan (requirement for Qualifying for Dukes)
Passage plan template and Passage plan example

Blue Peter will book the campsites directly but check out the information here:
Teerk Roo Ra venue and camping information


Blue Peter Skippers information:

Group Facilitation – Training Manual

The Sea School SMS – Risk Management and Operational Procedures v9

Skippers checklist

The joy of small boat sailing by Jack London

Bowditch an epitome of marine navigation


phone 141

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