Our Crew

Can you hear the boatswain’s call?

Some of our skippers and mentors are listed below, and hope to see you on the next program!


Samuel Martel is an adventure sailor, with a great approach to teaching and learning. Sam loves going fast, but also brings a steady, safe and capable hand to help guide the crew. 


Adam Behm is a sparky by trade and very sparky by nature. His outdoor education career started with Outward Bound and has completed some amazing solo adventures on his bicycle. As a canoe instructor he then found the flow with Blue Peter and has become a great skipper, Adam brings a sense of fun and a strong work ethic to the crew.


Ingrid Neumann is a brilliant outdoor activity leader and group facilitator, with years of experience with Outward Bound and other organisations. Ingrid is a great skipper, she brings a steady and capable hand to the crew.


Wade Chang is an excellent facilitator who has specialised in logistics and technical support. Wade is a careful operator and applies high safety standards to Orange Watch, along with a fun approach to being part of the crew.


Eva Goss is a positive, caring role model for everyone in the crew. Her insights and gentle nature make her an excellent facilitator and teacher in the spirit of sailing.


Kathryn Gawlick is a ball of energy and fun! An accomplished sailor, Kat can organise more than just the crew.


Francesca Goss is organised, a hard worker, critical thinker and she really helps to keep things on track. Frankie is a a great mentor for other trainees, bringing a sense of order and clarity to the crew.


Jonathan Goss is an educator, passionate about developing the best practice in ethical and sustainable delivery of sail training and nature based adventure therapy programs for our future generations. He initiated Blue Peter with the help of many great friends.



Ross Pollard is a carpenter and skipper with a special interest in traditional boat building. A keen sailor and natural group facilitator, Ross brings a sense of adventure, history, tradition and a love of sharing his vast knowledge and skills.


Kimberly Kenyon has lived and travelled on the sea, now working as an outdoor educator with Youth Justice. Kim is a brilliant skipper and brings her magical skills and wonderful personal energy to share with our crew.


Bryn Dunlop is a highly skilled Outdoor Educator currently working as a school administrator. He brings a supportive, can-do approach and is an inspirational mentor to all of us.


Johanna Powell is a marvellous cook, seasoned outdoor instructor and loving youth worker, who is often up at midnight baking, or busy behind the scenes, providing catering support, administration and assistance with our training and therapeutic programs. 


Thomas Nance is currently living in NZ but more than willing to join us when possible. Trained as a professional mariner, Thomas is highly skilled and also brings a wonderful sense of calmness and empathy for everyone around him.


Sebastian Williment is a keen adventurer and active skipper by the age of 15, having started his journey with us as a Yr 7 student. Seb brings fun and connection, as well as a love of learning to the crew.


Kieron McCartney is a carpenter, youth worker and accomplished sailor, currently living on a boat and often helping with skippering as well as maintenance and logistics behind the scenes. Kieron brings a wonderful “can do” attitude to any potential problems on expedition.


Tegan Cork is a healer and a mermaid, having led a wide range of outdoor programs over the years. She is a great skipper, and brings a sense of fun as well as being clear, with so many great metaphors to offer for our crew!


Bailey is a passionate and focussed young man with an interest in skippering that has seen him return time and again to build on his skills. Bailey brings an infectious energy and love of learning that is fun to be around!


Finn Bell is our youngest skipper. He is a natural sailor and his enthusiasm for learning, and for helping others is really strong. He brings fun and strong sense of integrity to our crew. 


Sally McAdam is a brilliant trainer and fun-loving skipper who is passionate about expeditionary learning, seamanship and sustainable practice. She brings laughter and passion to the crew!


Danielle Lambert is a science teacher with a passion for biology, ecology and adventure therapy. Danni is a fantastic sailor, who brings a sense of fun, wonder and excitement to experiential learning!


Emma Maltby is a motivated and passionate environmental educator and experienced sailor. She brings a real sense of calm and connection that helps enhance our learning.


Tahlia Somers completed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards with us, and sailed on the Young Endeavour! Tahlia is busy with her Uni commitments but still takes time out to train as a skipper.


Gretta Kelliher is a brilliant outdoor educator and super-woman, we are so happy when she is able to join us on expedition. Bring it on…


Robert Wigginton’s wisdom, relaxed manner and careful coaching style help to keep us all on an even keel, he is often found helping out with behind the scenes support. Thank you Rob.


Robert Houghton is an adventurer, educator and long serving Duke of Edinburgh’ Award Instructor, with a dedication to explore the edge! Bob calls us all to action, being a keen paddler, sailor and glider pilot who was influenced by the Ocean Youth trust, and serves as inspiration to all of us. He helped us immensely in the early years, and is now stepping out to enjoy his personal adventures (which seem to never stop).

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