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Interested in joining us? We are really keen to hear from you as we always need more skippers, trainees and helpers for our expeditions!

We are a dynamic group of friendly, fun loving and committed people who are passionate about harnessing wind and wave power for personal growth and connection. We value openness, sharing, developing strengths based approaches and skills by engaging with high adventure activities, solo reflections and our supportive social environment to maximise our learning. We are proud to continue the tradition of flying the Blue Peter. Please join with us!



Bob Houghton is an adventurer, retired educator and long serving Duke of Edinburgh’ Award Instructor, with a dedication to exploring the edge of comfort zones! Bob is a keen paddler, sailor and glider pilot who was influenced by the Ocean Youth trust and is an inspirational mentor. Bob calls us all to action, currently serving as Skipper.


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Martin Kelly is an experienced educator with a commitment to working with disadvantaged young people in their families and communities through the Catholic Education system. Led by his own beliefs, Martin brings wisdom to our group, and was a founding father of the Sea School.



Jono Goss is an educator inspired by epic tales of endurance and discovery, and his personal experiences at sea. His background as a science teacher, expedition leader and staff trainer enabled the formation of the Sea School, and is currently serving as a Skipper and as the Director of the Sea School.


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Ross Pollard is a carpenter with a special interest in traditional wooden boat building. A keen sailor and natural facilitator, Ross is a talented skipper who brings a strong sense of history, passion for tradition and a practical approach to the Sea School. He is currently serving as a Skipper and Boatswain.



Sally McAdam is an excellent trainer and fun loving skipper who is passionate about expeditionary learning, seamanship and sustainable practice. Sally has significant experience leading extended adventure expeditions, and is currently serving as Skipper and Sea Instructor.



Kieron McCartney is a carpenter and youth worker with outdoor education qualifications, and a background in working with young people in the Child Safety system. His broad range of skills, and focus on learning through fun, helps to create a great experience on program.  Currently serving as Skipper and Boatswain, Kieron is also often on call for back up duties.



Rob Wigginton is an experienced educator. His wisdom, relaxed manner and careful coaching style help to maximise positive learning outcomes for our students. Currently serving as Skipper, Rob helps to keep us all on an even keel.


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Yonna Powell is a cook and English language teacher, who works hard behind the scenes providing catering support and assistance with our training programs. She is also often roped in to help with towing vessels, sewing sails and cleaning boats!

Trainee Skippers

Kim, Steph, Cinda, Will, Gretta, Bryn, Ben, Matt, Lauren, Andy, Robert, Tahlia, Tom, Amy, Loz… come on board!


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I’ve spent a lot of my childhood having adventures with my Dad, Jono, my Mum, Yonna and my little sister Frankie. When I was nine I sailed to Lord Howe Island with my family and two of our good friends, Amy and Kelly. I went back there with Bob, Anna and my Dad a year later.

I love dance and music, but doing activities like sailing is also important to me. I look forward to having lots of great experiences through the Sea School.



Frankie is a capable foredeck hand and interested in helping feedback on skipper’s communication styles and approaches.

Ella and Oskar



  1. Ian Nussey says:


  2. Garry says:

    Brilliant and a
    mazing expeditions

  3. Sophia Seve says:

    Random question for Ross Pollard. Is your fathers name Ian Pollard ? and was he a sailor who might have sailed through polynesia 50 years ago?

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